Sever Sfrengeu

Background: Virtual Reality for mental health
Every time I tried social VR I ended up leaving the game right away. I found toxic behaviours and the users weren’t too friendly. I knew that cyberbullying has deep mental health repercussions. I realized that there is a huge need for a VR game that solves the toxicity problem. And thats why I wanted to work on Universus.

Ilan Bompuis

Background: VR, AR and iOS/Android development
I am a motion designer & developer, user of Unity3D, After Effects and Cinema 4D software, and I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years. Universus gives me a chance to work on the intersection of VR, network and the game’s social aspect and to find the best solutions for our game.

Liya Bohnat
3D Artist

Background: a game developer artist with wide range experience in 3d modeling, character creating, animation and 2d art, concept.
I am a 3d/2d artist at Universus. I am very interested in working on a VR project. Being part of Universus team, I enjoy working as a team and creating worlds, games, and puzzles for people to play together, to have fun.

Peter Rady
Network Engineer

Background: Unity expert, I have developed multiple multiplayer games using Unity, PlayFab and Photon.
I always anticipate issues and edge cases that might occur by players and work them out beforehand.
Being a part of Universus in the journey of creating awesome toxic free social VR motivates me to push it even further to make our players happy and connected together without any issues.

Alya demina

Extra Credits: Alya Demina, Game Design

Dimitris Ntounias
Community Engagement

Extra Credits: Dimitris Ntounias, Community engagement