Universus is a story based social VR game that develops based on your personality.

Based on your actions throughout the game, will receive “clues” as puzzle pieces. It will become more and more obvious what personality type you fit in Universus. You will also receive rewards from other users to determine your personality during interactions with other people.

There’s a place for everyone, whether you are outgoing and sociable or more introverted.

You’ll be able to enjoy fun Mini-Games, Collect Rewards, and most importantly, have Positive and Encouraging Dialogues with other members of the community. You can use the Soul Language to express yourself without using words, or you can voice chat with other users by requesting a connection.

Your journey will start at the Soul Hub, a forgotten world, which was abandoned by its inhabitants a long time ago.

Everyone starts on a level playing field, as a soul avatar

As you get initiated throughout the game, it will become more and more obvious where you belong. 

After you complete different actions in the soul hub, you will evolve into an initiated soul. From this point on, you can belong to one of the following 4 worlds:  SYNTHO, MOSS, RUBY and ZEPPELIN.

Each of the 4 worlds is tailored towards a specific personality type.

Worlds ➝

Soul hub





Worlds ➝